My New Home - Greater Noida - UP

Everyone aspires to own a new home in their lifespan, this is the second occasion when me and my family are celebrating this event in our life.

With the blessing of our parents, I have been able to achieve many landmarks in my life, and this new home adds another feather to my parents cap.

As a strategic move, we have decide to move out to a new location away from the heavy traffic of Dwarka - New Delhi to a cam and quite, more greener and event filled life - Greater Noida - UP.

The Grahapravesam function of the new house was conducted by the purohits (sasthrikals) as per our Tamil culture; we were esteemed to be part of the celebration.

The event was a private family celebration. The original owner and the broker were part of the event, as they reside in the same locality.

This location is "now" little out of place from the main city of Delhi or (NCR) as we all know. In a few years time this place will be in great demand.

Greater Noida, this large city of UP is a beautiful well planned sub-city with all civic and cultural activities and well planned roads, green and more greenery everywhere.

All of these has to be experienced personally to get a feel of how the city is laid out, feels like a modern developed world within India.

The photo page has some recent photographs taken during the Grahapravesam event.

Jayanthi, Swetha and Suresh Krishnan

God bless all......

Om Namo Narayanaya

Shambo Mahadeva

Taaye Parashakti.

Jai Sri Ram

Jai Sri Hanuman Ji